UNTRR - The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania is a non-governmental professional and employers organization, independent, apolitical, established on democratic principles in 1990.
UNTRR promotes and protects the interests of road hauliers at both national and international level, having registered over 13,000 members since its establishment and until present time - road operators performing internal and international transports of goods and passengers.

At international level UNTRR is an active member of:

  •  the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in Geneva, within the Goods Transport Council and the Passenger Transport Council; 
  •  the International Multimodal Transport Association (IMMTA) in Geneva;
  •  the International Road Federation (IRF) in Geneva;
  •  an associate member of La Prévention Routière Internationale (PRI) in Lisbon.

At national level UNTRR is a member of:

  •  the National Confederation of the Romanian Employers (CNPR)
  •  the Alliance of the Romanian Employers Confederations (ACPR) through CNPR
  •  the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR)
  •  the National Association of the Exporters-Importers of Romania (ANEIR)
  •  the Alliance for Economical Development of Romania (ADER)
  •  the Inter-Ministerial Council for Road Safety (CISR)
  •  the Transport Sector Committee (the Subcommittee on Road Transport)

U.N.T.R.R.’s Mission

UNTRR aims at being a leader in providing relevant added value services to the national and  international road hauliers in Romania.
UNTRR’s assumes the mission to be the main representative of the Romanian hauliers and the main social dialogue partner at the road transport sector level.

U.N.T.R.R.’s Vision

UNTRR will develop as a modern and flexible organization, with a new managerial vision oriented towards professionalism, efficiency and performance in satisfying the needs of its haulier members, in order to become the most appreciated organization in the road transport sector.

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